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By Janice Smithson
October 6, 2015



Colon cleanses supposedly flush harmful toxins, boost energy, and make weight loss easier. There are several varieties of colon cleanses, all of which aim to do the same thing.

Care4Colon is a business in Miami Lakes, Florida that offers one popular form of colon cleanse – colon hydrotherapy. How does Care4Colon’s hydrotherapy compare to other colon cleansers?

Colon Hydrotherapy

Also called colonics, colon hydrotherapy is cleansing with water. It is a practice that has been around since ancient times, though is gaining popularity again, largely due to colon cleanses’ effects on weight loss.

Undigested waste often gets stuck in the colon, which can be harmful. That is where Care4Colon steps in. A tube is inserted through the rectum, and several gallons of water (sometimes with herbs or probiotics added) is flushed into the large intestine, or colon.

This supposedly releases toxins, waste, and other gunk stuck on the walls of the colon. Once the procedure is over, the patient uses the bathroom and all of the excess water and toxins are released in a regular bowel movement.


There isn’t much information on Care4Colon online at all. This business does not have an official website, so information is scarce. Care4Colon contact information is listed on the Better Business Bureau website, but it is not BBB accredited.

Why isn’t there any information on Care4Colon? They may be a brand new company that hasn’t had the chance to be accredited yet. But no matter what their reasoning, they aren’t going to get many customers without any company information.

Here’s the only information listed online, posted on the BBB site:
Phone: 855-254-7812
8004 NW 154th St., #585
Miami Lakes, FL 33016

Colon Hydrotherapy Compared to Oral Colon Cleanses

There are a couple of different forms of colon cleanses. The first is detoxing with supplements or drinks taken by mouth. The second is colon flushing, or hydrotherapy.

The concept behind both therapies is the same. The body is full of harmful toxins acquired through pollution, unhealthy foods, prescription drugs, and other substances. When you do a cleanse, it washes all the excess toxins out of your body.

Supplemental colon cleanses are generally a safer route. You just take a few pills per day and wash them down with plenty of water. These colon cleanses usually contain laxatives and diuretics to quicken the flow of waste from your body.

Colon hydrotherapy comes with a much higher risk level.

Why Some Say It’s Healthy

Supporters of colon cleanses have lists of reasons why they believe it is a healthy procedure.

Physical Benefits
• Improve colon muscle contraction
• Cleanse the colon
• Hydrate the body
• Get rid of parasites
• Lose weight

Spiritual Benefits
• Boost well-being
• Balance mind and spirit
• Increase energy
• Enhance concentration and focus

Why Others Say Colon Hydrotherapy Is Risky and/or Unnecessary

There are plenty of safety concerns when it comes to colon cleanses. Some side effects include:
• Cramping
• Bloating
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Dehydration
• Intestinal perforation

The Bottom Line

There are many health benefits to doing a colon cleanse. If you decide to take the more extreme route of colon hydrotherapy rather than at-home supplements, be sure to talk to your doctor.

If you feel a cleanse could be beneficial, I suggest going for a safer, more natural option than Care4Colon.

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kay Says:

Are you being tell honest with your products to help people’s life???? I don’t like lie n being steal my money wen I want order your product. OK you better be telling truth or you will be getting shut down your business ok I want you be honest with me in God’s my witness. Plus email me back answer my question ok thank you have a nice day

February 2, 2014 at 10:14 am

admin Says:

Kay, our reviewers are honest when submitting their content. Keep in mind, we’re just a review site and don’t actually sell these products. We merely recommend them based on what consumers like you have to say about the product.

February 4, 2014 at 11:16 am

Judi Says:

I have used this product over the course of a year and found that I like it very much. It is gentle and seems to do a good job. I have shared it with some of my family members and they all like it too. I have tried others from health food stores and they all seem crampy but not this one.

April 24, 2014 at 8:29 am

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